Monday, June 05, 2006

My Luv've you been? That's a question i feel strange asking because i met you today itself. I held your strong hands, hugged your warm body, kissed your smiling lips.
But, that's the present. Let's go back to the past for a few moments. Not too long back, just a few days.
That day i met you after what seemed like a lifetime, an eternity. You smiled at me and it felt like i was in heaven. I'm not one who believes in the concept of heaven, but for that one moment, it felt like there was a God because that moment was perfect. Later that sunny afternoon, that amazing afternoon, we went back to your home. You led me by the hand to "the room at the top of the stairs" (a distasteful song by Eddie Rabbit.) The sun was setting and so was my pain which i had felt for the few restless weeks before that, where it felt like torture because i couldn't meet you. You played 'the song that bid you goodbye' in all those painful hours (the one's mentioned above), where your presence felt distances away. You kissed me softly and i felt shivers go up my spine. They seemed to reassure me of what i already very well knew - that you love me.
Let me reassure you of what you very well know - that i love you too. In other words: i'll always be there for you when you need me, but more when you don't. I'll always hold your hand when you need encouragement. I'll always lend u a shoulder to cry on, and i'll also always wipe your tears. I'll hold you up when you're down and take your pain away. I'll kiss you and hold your hand in public. I'll hug you when you're sweaty and dirty after a game of football. I'll be your friend, your guide, your encouragement, your will power, your strength, your handkerchief, your boyfriend, your best friend, your love. I'll help you choose right from wrong. I'll support you in all you do and in all your decisions. I'll be there for you when you need someone to take your anger out on. I'll always listen to you when you need to pour your heart out. To abbreviate/summarize it : I'll always love you.
This is not only my blog entry, it's alot more. This is my everything. You are my everything.
But this is not only my past, this is my present and my future. I'll love you for a lifetime, an eternity.
Today, i held your stron hands - they make me feel protected; i hugged your warm body - it makes me feel cared for; i kissed your smiling lips - it reassured me of something i already very well knew : that you love me.
This is my blog entry for today...
...i'll love you forever.

p.s. for all those reading this, you are truly privilaged if you have someone who thinks the same 'bout u!