Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The gate to my heart is closed.... nd maybe closed fr me too..cuz i don know wat do i want frm life
i don know whom i love...
i don know whether or not um exploring the right lane..
But i can't escape from one truth... i.e. um too lazy to even think about myself.
Things in my life are never planned... never organized...
The other day..i woke up bathed.. turned on my PC.. felt like making a resume.. made it.. got it printed and went out... for an interview!!??!!!!

Mid way to the call centre i was wondering that what had made me come for an interview...i knew even i dint know the answer... i walked up the stairs and at the reception said, 'Um here for the interview'...(i know these call centres need executives at every time of the year!)
So there i was sitting, for the first ever interview of my life, unprepared and clueless of what to say.
But... i went in with less nervousness...for a change!
Hopefully there was nothing much in the interview... just an introduction and 2-3 general questions... it seemed a normal conversation with a lady.
and i was selected... (See... its so easy!)

okay.. so there's no motive behind writing this... wrote it...just cuz i was getting bored!.. he he

no personal grudges against u... as i always say... i had no intentions!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Apart from you, I won't desire anything;
I will love you as long as I live.

My eyes long to behold you.
My heart longs to love you.
I'll forever remain immersed in devotion to you.
How shall I explain to you the state of my heart!
this body of yours will become fragrant,
such mischief will I play with my eyes.

You've settled me in your heart;
you've made me worthy of love.
If I don't meet you, I won't be able to go on living.
Who can I tell about where my heart has found harbor?
Whatever punishment God gives me,
whatever punishment God gives me is acceptable,
since I now make you my object of worship.

It will be easy to forget you...

It will be easy to forget you...
I just can't look to the sky
or even remember the sea...
I'll just have to stop dreaming
and learn how to be alone...
I know I'll forget you..
I just can't remember your smile..
your beautiful eyes,
your sweet mouth...
I can do it,
I know I can...
I just can't look to anything,
I just can't remember,
I just can't live...
or love...
I'll forget how important you are on my life...
I'll just have to forget myself...


Heart battered and torn,
Emotions are worn,
Tears running,
No end,
Nothing to depend.
Pain that is real
Clearly reveal:
Attachments by one;
Returned by none.

Egos are bruised,
Feelings abused,
Dreams that are crushed
By actions too rushed.
Alone without care,
Everyone aware:
Troubled heart,
Not so very smart.

Facts all too clear,
Ending so near,
Longing to stay,
But forced away.
Pleading, hope,
Unable to cope;
Cry me a river
And don't let me shiver
Without you there's no
More places to go.