Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The gate to my heart is closed.... nd maybe closed fr me too..cuz i don know wat do i want frm life
i don know whom i love...
i don know whether or not um exploring the right lane..
But i can't escape from one truth... i.e. um too lazy to even think about myself.
Things in my life are never planned... never organized...
The other day..i woke up bathed.. turned on my PC.. felt like making a resume.. made it.. got it printed and went out... for an interview!!??!!!!

Mid way to the call centre i was wondering that what had made me come for an interview...i knew even i dint know the answer... i walked up the stairs and at the reception said, 'Um here for the interview'...(i know these call centres need executives at every time of the year!)
So there i was sitting, for the first ever interview of my life, unprepared and clueless of what to say.
But... i went in with less nervousness...for a change!
Hopefully there was nothing much in the interview... just an introduction and 2-3 general questions... it seemed a normal conversation with a lady.
and i was selected... (See... its so easy!)

okay.. so there's no motive behind writing this... wrote it...just cuz i was getting bored!.. he he

no personal grudges against u... as i always say... i had no intentions!!!

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