Friday, September 28, 2007

They say "....and they both fell in love"
This 'fell' is cuz.. love is an ocean.
I can tell u. cuz i too fell in the ocean... actually we both fell.
The thing is that.. she got to the shore.. nd i drowned there.. waiting for her..nd expecting her to come back.
I heard today that she again has fallen in that ocean. i pity her partner. nd at the same time feel jealous cuz he's having the best of his times.

The wait.

My wait hasn't ended. My eyes still long for you. the feelings in your heart went away with the winters. Its funny how your feelings change like the seasons. Every day seems like the last day of my life... i feel like someone on the deathbed. God knows where i went wrong... cuz we have gradually lost touch...

My friends still tease me with ur name.. i laugh.. but my eyes still long....

I wonder if its pleasing for you to see me all messed up.. mad in ur love.
You spoiled the word 'love' and i lost respect for it.
I cry aloud ur name... Cuz actually... i cant do anything more :(