Friday, September 28, 2007

They say "....and they both fell in love"
This 'fell' is cuz.. love is an ocean.
I can tell u. cuz i too fell in the ocean... actually we both fell.
The thing is that.. she got to the shore.. nd i drowned there.. waiting for her..nd expecting her to come back.
I heard today that she again has fallen in that ocean. i pity her partner. nd at the same time feel jealous cuz he's having the best of his times.


Adi Crazy said...

You drowned?
Welcome to the club.

I drowned and choked and I'm dead now.

Great blog.

Cupid's Best Pal said...

oh.. good to see that um not alone.

btw.. which blog of urs am i supposed to visit?

there are 5 of em!