Saturday, March 03, 2007

title doesnt matter!

I have been searching of that LOVE all my life...{Nd before anyone of u starts takin hints,um not at all one of the despo kinds....}
Its just that i love love!....nd i love being in love.

As most of u dont know that um damn unpredictable.
i can wish of being single wen i have a partner nd i can wish of having someone who loves me wen um single.

Um not one of those who'll keep following the suit nd sit in peace.
i eagerly search for satisfaction nd peace in my life....
nd mostly my posts show that...i start with somethin nd end at something else...
I actually sat tonight thinking of posting something fr my love(known love or unknown....this is yet unknown!)

but determined to write fr my dreamgirl(I seriously dont remember the face :|)

How is it possible,my love, that i havent ever seen you nd still i feel ur pain?
confusing is this love..nd confusing is our story.... though u never come in reality...u always stop me frm getting serious with anyone....
y do i feel that u need me....damn!...y do i come online wenever i feel like meeting u!!!

ur strange, my love, cuz u never come and meet me... nd ur unique too, cuz i write fr u everyday.
Y do i flirt when ur still their in my dreams? nd y am i not studying at this time?
y dont u jus........

i've seen u sad fr me..... but y?
oh baby.... just look into my eyes..once.
jus give all ur worries to me...and then smile .... bring that smile on ur face which made me fall in love with u at day 1. Bring that smile which makes me fall in love with you every time i see u.

i cnt live now....i cnt...when ur not with me.
this is when i sit in my room thinking of u...killing the time nd gradually making the hours disapper...nd then i wish to enter that which u live in.....nd i open my welcome u.

its all to the hilt now.
My heart beats with ur thoughts.... honey um mad to see u now.

i can leave my world to come to u....nd live with u.

But then... maybe i cant meet u in this real world...or maybe i can....let's see wat destiny has in store fr us...

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