Wednesday, March 14, 2007

who's she?

Its not that i love her or something.... its not that i do anything less than love... but still i hate it when i see her flirting... i dunno y... i hate it when she doesnt reply..nd i hate it when she doesnt talk to me the way she talks to others.

In my mind...i jus have a feeling that she is a good friend...nd i won tell her what i feel.
but is it jus another case of love?... or is it something else?

wouldi end up proposing her?... or would i know wat she has for me in the end?
would she also think that she loves me?... nd if she does.... y dont i trust her?

No, it cant be love... cuz love has trust.... understanding.... which we both dont have...she'd talk to anyone(nd especially flirt with anyone around except me)

i've known her for a long time... but i never guess i've had her flirt with me.

but y do i care?

if she's just another frnd...y would i jus care.... or is she not a friend? she more to me?

i don know... but i leave these ques. for the future to answer...but until the future answers.... would i be not sleeping like tonight... would i be hating wenever i get to know frm someone that she flirts with them....

if yes, then y?.. who is she?...what is she to me?

My love...or just another person in my life?

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