Tuesday, March 20, 2007

gettin high

It was a normal day.I as usual was sitting idle at my place trying to figure how to make my life an organized one.
Sitting on the chair,when i heard the door bell...i wasnt quite sure if it was a friend of mine or not.
but wateva....i heard a similar voice...saying namaste aantie.

nd i was quite sure at that time who he was.

so came up to me asking, "wats up dude.... aivien bongeya di tarah kyu baitha ae"
i jus smiled nd said...aivien yaar...bore ho gaye.
The next half an hour we chatted...nd then he offered me to accompany him to his place.

i wasnt in a mood...or maybe lazy...but u know these frnz...they're gonna keep blabbering nd trying to convince me.....
so i finally was up..changed, nd went cycling along with him.

We went to his place...nd were lying on different beds....wen he suddenly came up with the most wicked plan.
he said,"dude,wtf, um sick of this bored life....let's get high"

i was half bored nd wasnt listening to him much. But as i heard the word "high"

i looked at him as if he had kicked on my innards.....i was astonished nd hyper.
but after a fifteen minute discussion on the right age to get high..... i was convinced enough to try it once...(its easy to convince me... especially when it comes to something adventurous :P)

Ok ...so we set out to sector 35 fr a game of pool(which in the end proved to be a 2-hour pool session!)

and after that...it was around 7 o'clock in the evening nd we went out fr the final show!

he took all the things ....drove to his place.
i had my first sip of beer.... nd realized that i would better have a garlic than to have the next sip!

so damn weird was the taste.

but my frnd said....no dude...continue..u'd love it wen u get high.

so there was i sitting on a couch having the weirdest drink ever made...jus to fuckin get high once.

i drank my first glass(but i dint get high :( ).... i have to have that feeling.... pour in some more,i said drifting my glass towards him.
Not here... he said.

let's get to terrace.
nd so i found myself sitting there...holding my second glass.
i lost count of glasses in an hour or something...bottles were lined up in frnt of me(4 in total)
nd 2 of them were empty.

i dint feel like i was high,at this point too :P
but yeah..i felt i was acidified from inside....nd at that point he offered me a fag.
i din know how was i supposed to take it in.... but i tried it like sanjay dutt!
i dint take it down in my lungs..as they say it was harmful(as if they prefer drinking nd smoking..haah!)

there was i lying on the terrace without any sense,fagging nd boozing.

my eyes were reddening, heart-beat increasing a bit,head felt so heavy,fingers nd toes were cold... nd i feeling like um floating in the sky!
so in layman language i was jus getting high!


Anonymous said...

how sad. i'd rather use lots corn/sugary stuff to get high.

Cupid's Best Pal said...

hmmm good fr u..

it was my first nd last time