Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sitting on this bench,with sun rays making their way from the leaves that are still green and highlighting most of the parts of my face... a park in my sector where i dont see any mammal of nature... except for that rikshaw puller sleeping in the shade about a 100 mts away from me.

I look up to the sun, the big ball of fire.... and it feels like it shed all its rays on me only.... urging me to go back to my place.... but i stare up... um blinded for some time.
I wonder why is everyone.... rushing through the times... not observing the beauty nature...busy in earning money.... and the only peace i find is while my sessions of day dreaming... and i beg ppl not to ever wake me up from my dreams.... i want to see myself in a less anxious world... a world where no-one works from 9 to 7 to have some shitty salary.... a world where me and friends could find sometime to watch all things that don't matter.... a world where ppl have time to come in that park and talk 'n' walk their tensions....

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