Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wen we meet

I want her, I need her...and someday, some way, I'll meet her

She'll be kinda shy....nd real good lookin too....nd yea, I'll be certain she's my girl..

like walkin' in the rain nd wishin' on the stars up above nd that'd be the feelin of being in love
When she'd near me, I'll kiss her.....nd when she leaves me, I'll miss her
Though sometimes we'll fight nd i'd not prack her...cuz i know she loves me so much nd she would be alright in an hour or two :P....... Cause we got so much to share

She'll be cuter than the average girl i see.... nd would be lovely to keep looking at.

Though i'd make it sure that she doesnt get bored :P..... i'll love her with all my heart.
nd she wont be one of those temporary-girls of mine.

but she'd be one angel...who'd take away my breath... nd leave me wanting her more.....

um eagerly waiting to meet her sometime... nd wen i do...i'll make sure to post bout the best day of my life... :)

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