Thursday, September 21, 2006

long somethin real...taste it,folks...


I dont know how many of us here have loved and lost. I love her and I lost her. It hurts like crazy but i can't do anything about it. I look out for her on my way to work, just one fleeting glance. I know I have never loved anyone this deeply and I know I never will. I was never so crazy about anyone and never ever will be. I love her smile, I love her eyes. i love her for being herself, for her "I don't know" to every question. Does she even know that I die every moment of my life realizing that she is not 'with me'? perhaps she did not understand me, she came into my life when I was in a real mess, I still am...but I'm trying my best! Just wish she did'nt leave me! But she fkin did.... she was the one person who could bring a smile to my lips and she always will be that one person. I know no one can take her place. Can't live without her! dont want to live without her. But I dont want to force myself on her. Maybe someday, she'll remember me with a smile and not a frown...perhaps someday she'll say that she loved me, even for a fleeting moment. As for me...She was the one I truely loved and I know no one will ever take her place. NEVER EVER!

Tum kyon chale aate ho
Har roz in khwabon mein
Chupke se aa bhi jao
Ek din meri baahon mein
Tere hi sapne andhere mein ujalo mein
Koi nasha hai teri aankhon ke pyalon mein
Tu mere khabon mein jawabo mein sawalo mein
Har din chura tumhe mein lata hoon khayalon mein....remember?

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