Monday, January 08, 2007

How To Fight Proof Your Relationships

Ok - so maybe you can't really fight proof your relationships.
(and who doesn't love when a little spark turns into some real 'make-up' heat?:)

But what you CAN do is cut down your tendency to tiff and speed up the turnaround time from mad to madly in love. You just remember one thing:

It's takes two to fight and one to end the fight. Simple as that.

You see, most of us are so invested in how *right* we are about how *wrong* the other person is that we totally forget we have the option to apologize (and mean it) and get right back into the flow of our relationships.

A real apology costs NOTHING but can produce an instant experience of aliveness, well-being, love and partnership that is truly PRICELESS.

And let's get real: life is WAY too short to hang on to anger, resentment, and being *right*. Last time I checked, we ain't gettin' any younger if you know what I mean...

Here's the bottom line. You can be *right* or you can be happy. You can't be both. When you're *right* and someone else is *wrong* - there's no real win for you. Someone you love (and you too, if you tell the truth) feels crappy about the whole thing.

Let's face it. We're all human which means we tend to say or do unkind things to one another (yes - even you :-) every now and then.

Even if you think you didn't do anything *wrong* but someone you love thinks you did, isn't an apology worth some happiness in your life?

Remember this email next time to want to stomp around, kick something or cross your arms in a huff over a fight.

It takes two to fight and one to end the fight.

Let that one be you.
-Marie Forleo

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