Monday, November 26, 2007

There's no such thing!!!!

awite... enough of crying nd cribbing about her.

its time t face the reality. its time i become of the gender um supposed to be.

awitte so..

listen up mates... um seriously gonna talk sense now.

so first things first.

There is no such THING as love.There's no such THING as passion.There's no such THING as attraction..or lust.
okay...if u feel like closing the page... just try nd pay some attention.

Um not saying that guys (or chicks for that matter) dont experience STATES of attraction love or lust.What exactly um trying to tell here is that these states are processes that take place inside human mind nd body.

nd so what i mean is that these states

nd i guess to explain this in a better way..i'd have to tell u guys about something that i came across once.

awite fine.. so here's an example.

Ok. Since um being pretty general and theoretical let's get a bit more specific and talk about what every woman dreams about... well.. Falling In love.

Okay now based on what I've said so far., do you think i believe that "love" is based on some mysterious "chemistry" that flows between 2 ppl? Maybe it's caused by a butt naked Little chump named CUPID(who i claim to be my best frnd) who shoots an arrow into your ass?

No, Here's how ppl fall in love: First, understand you do NOT fall in love with someone when you in their presence. No. You fall in love when you're off by yourself, thinking about them afterwards. This is why it is so hypnotically powewrful, because you are doing it to yourself, and ppl are always their best hypnotists.

here's how it happens: You go out with someone, maybe even one date. And then you go home, and you're lying there, thinking about them. And, you FORM AN IMAGE of them in your mind. And as you do that, you start to list yo yourself all the qualities about them that you like, "She's so, She's so, She's Damn..blah blah" Maybe then you Picture you and them having lots of fun in all sorts of situations. Then you get the warm, funny feeling right in your solar plexus, and then, the nail in your coffin, you say her name 2-3 times to yourself. And if you're really a geek, maybe you even dance around the house singing it. Or you possibly go about bringing up her name in almost every frigging conversation u have.

Hmmmm.. so this sounds familiar ... eh? Now, as you recall the times in your in your past when you did this, were you then able to stay cool, in control of yourself and the r/ship? Or were you calling her every day, always wanting to see her , and eager to kiss her ass, to the point where she, of course, dropped you?

Here's the point: 'Love' is a process ppl do to themselves. It's not a "thing" you trip over or a "hole" you fall into. And i know, even tough um not there watching you, that as i describe it here on blogger , you recalled and went through that process yourself,and recalled the feelings associated with it. And just the way.. i made u go through that process... without even being with u, then even u can. if u you know how, skillfully describe this (or any other) process to a woman in your presence, link it to yourself, and in a matter of minutes, cause her.....



zahid said...

yeah dude!!!! I could relate some of those lines wiht what i do....but the complete def. of love still varies..

And i hate dogs too !!!!

Patchez said...

Ave Ave!

Good insight I mus say, for a "Man"!
I will not divulge wat women think abt love too.. not that its a closely guarded secret.. (it mite jus be!) but it will take lotsa linez.. ;)

ahem, tho i do nt hate dogs.. :O