Saturday, January 19, 2008


okay hello guys.

I know its been so long ... nd um sorry. i have lost contact with almost all of my blog buddies..due to the sickening windows/linux/OSX crashes that my presario faces plus the consistent seminars nd animation stuff.

And well.. i took aquick look on my blogposts today nd i laughed at em!! what have i missed? X-mas... new year. ... hooh alot!

x-mas was normal... wanted to buy this santa cap ..which i was in love with.
they were selling at all the lights here. But i was too lazy to go and buy em.

nd unlike previous years i dint buy a x-mas tree too. Its so kiddish plus i think i have grown up..heheh

At the night i saw some movies.. monster house, the jacket, smoking aces.. ALOT of movies.

That was a good day :)

Nd well then the big day came. i was planning to go for the party my mates had organized ... but my playlist dint let me go off my bed.

I saw SAW that night.
Actually um at a stage of life when i want to do everything that i fear.. hehe

Um so scared of horror/Violent flicks ... but on the new yr eve i planned to watch em all.

30 nights of the month something/ saw/ hostel.. hostel 2 was kinda more scary.. hehe. dint watch it.

but the night was fun.

no lights in the room.. all alone watching the deadliest movies.. hehe

okay then the next day i started preparing for this graphic design competition (Fist ever i participated in) ... wasnt much fun .. less competition. but yeah..i won the second prize... DAYUM!!!

nd the cherry on the cake... received applauds from MCM girls... hehe.. thank you thank you... i know its exciting!!

So all in all the time till now was fun.

ohhhhh and yeaaaaahh...

I got this charre wali gunnnnnnnnnn...

Um so much in love with it... i try to shoot everything.. heheh.. making targets and all..

i got it day before yeaterday i guess and i've lost half of my chharre :((

nyway... um blahblahing alot. FOR A CHANGE..hehehe

um so happy to be back.. i'll make new frnz nd refresh the old ones.. heheh...

current song-- zombie..
i wonder y this aantie is screaming zombie zombie.. hehe

the song is good... mast ae.

anyway.. u guys take care.. nd happy blogging :)

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