Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hola! Okay it’s been a long time since I last wanted to type something out.
Well... um not much of a talker as u know, so I don’t really need to blurt out things which don’t make sense. And I like my space.
Sitting quiet, in a room full of ppl isn’t much of a tiring job. But I kinda have a liking for it.. thinking what they’d be thinking and figuring things out by looking at their expressions :P
It’s a fun job u know.
Oh yea.. speaking of job, I have this whole new ‘job’ which pays me a mere 4 grands (I excluded 500 cuz that’s how much I spend on the conveyance in a month, so yea.)
All I have to do is type stuff that freaks the hell out of me except if it’s English, which of course I love.
But CAT’s exam maker guys don’t use much user-friendly English. I keep wondering why is there a need to use such high brow words, if all u want to do is convey feelings to the readers?
Though I am in love with the language and I try to learn all the new words and all, which btw, I keep forgetting cuz of the tiny brains that I have. No offense to me, but that’s how it is!
None taken, carry on!
Ohkay.. so what else do I do except typing the hell out of this poor keyboard?
Well, I sit IDLE!
Yep.. I mean I know I can surf the net and all.. but I don’t feel like.
I mean at home I can practice for the SAT exams on the net use that CD and listen to some music in my vella time (Which, btw, I don’t have any more.) Thanks to this 9 to 8 job.. Urghhh!
So what else?
What else.. ummm.. yeah.. I don’t wanna crib and all.. cuz um gonna be making at least SOME money after this month and so on n forth, but still.. I don’t have time for my social life (Haah.. yea right!)
No seriously now, I know um not that social.. but I have frnz dude!
I missed my frnz’ bday party the other day.I can’t meet the only school friend that I have and the worst part?
She’s leaving in 10 days. We used to have lunch together and all.
But now.. I don’t even have lunch.. Not that I don’t have time and all.. I’ve plenty of time.
But u won’t go outside and eat alone, right?
Besides its major kadki time, My cell wouldn’t be recharged until I get my sal.. yeah.. supportive parents nd bro I have got!
Hmmm… so about the rain now. The rain dint stop me from coming to this paradise, my work (that is, if u still haven’t figured out what um referring to!)

I am mega bored since morning, but there’s good news, I just got to know that I can issue books. Yipppeeeeeee!!
Now that’s not such a happy news if u look at it with a certain perspective, cuz they don’t have more than around 50 books here. (Like I’ll read all of em in the span of my LIFETIME!)
But still, they don’t have the books that I really want to read, u know, so yea.

Okay I don’t know where it comes from but I’ve been humming this quote/phrase/extract, call it whatever u will, since morning, which, by god, can offend anyone!
Here it goes,

PS: this was written almost a month back

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haha, the no offence part was so cute. lol.