Monday, August 25, 2008

Of myriad musings

Okay it has been light-years since I last posted, (kindly note that light-year is a unit of distance, but you know what I mean, right?), and I don’t even have an excuse, that is, if being miserably busy doesn’t count: P

Okay I’ve been walking around the world thinking and talking to myself since I was a 3rd grader (yes, that’s when I realized that um a day dreamer).

And recently this activity is all what I do in my leisure time. I dunno if I’ve ever told u guy(s) about my new job. Notice that I used brackets with ‘s’ for the reasons that you and I both know!

So there’s this new job and I finally have a life, I go to my office, sit down, type my hands out, with lips sealed together (not with someone, I wish!), and then come home eat, read something and then sleep. But my Big B wouldn’t agree with that cuz there’s a lot of stuff except my routine that I do, which includes fighting with him to surf the net for some time and whining about him (to myself only).

And then I keep thinking of the girl I want in my life.

Right now, um like Will Smith in hitch’s first 15-20 minutes. I know everything about how to get a girl to ask me out, but I just don’t seem to stick to one defined constant.

It pisses me off more n more every minute that I have been in relationship with almost every kind of girl trying to fall in love, or better still, trying to continue the r/ship for a couple of months, and I still don’t cease to eliminate my habit of changing environments, or in this case, changing girls.

Now I am not a pig, who dates girls in proliferation, okay? I am solicitous. And that too, to the highest degree. But um just a normal guy who loses interests very easily. I really respect girls and their feelings and all the jazz and I do not break up until something unavoidable shows up. But, where am I supposed to find someone really interesting?

I have a ‘sheet’ that has a list of qualities I like in a girl, and unfortunately the list keeps changing every now and then. Not my fault again, mood swings.. my brain’s got a point, right?!

Okay what else? Yea, um a terrible conversationalist and I can’t just make small talk or any talk for that matter. So, that pretty much explains that why am I WRITING instead of talking to my friends here in educorp in my break time.
I guess, my Tiffin’s here.

I’ll scoot.. can’t miss yummy food for a anything!
Ciyah and try and second me on my opinions so that I don’t feel lonely.. not that I don’t feel good on being unique :D, but still.

PS: When I say I try to fall in luv, that doesn’t mean ‘try to FALL IN LOVE’, hell I fall in love every morning with atleast 20 girls on my way to office. But fall in luv as in .. staying in luv :P


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

A girl like me, a girl like me hussh. :P

you never told me that you posted. :|

and you definitely arent on the innet for "sometime". you're onl forever. :P

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Cupid's Best Pal said...

That was quick!

Anonymous said...

i without a doubt love your posting way, very exciting,
don't quit as well as keep posting for the simple reason that it just simply good worth to read it,
excited to browse through a whole lot more of your own well written articles, good bye :)

Cupid's Best Pal said...

^ Thanks for the appreciation buddy :)

I've written some more of pieces. On my facebook page.

Here's the link, just in case you're there.